Monday, November 15, 2010

Vegan MoFo: Upside-down Chili Bowl

Why has it taken me so long to realize that the freezer is awesome? It's the key to maximizing leftovers' potential. Freeze that shit before everyone you know gets tired of eating it. Wait six weeks, thaw it out, and smile because you'll have an awesome dinner without the kitchen mess.

During my chili cook-off recipe testing, I froze a lot of chili. This was some black bean pumpkin chili. In my book, chili just ain't chili without cornbread. It's usually served over cornbread, but this time I decided to see how things tasted on the flip side. Here's what came of it:

Corn muffin batter spooned over hot chili, cooked in an oven-safe bowl for 15 mins at 400F.

Today was my last day seeing patients in my office. I'm on call tomorrow, and a few hopefully women have told me that they're determined to go into labor before I leave the birth center. As of 7 AM on Wednesday morning, I am unemployed and can't freaking wait!

Me with some sweet ladies and babes I've helped get born.

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