Sunday, November 14, 2010

Vegan MoFo: SOS! Send VitaMix!

Don't those pregnant women know I have MoFo to keep up with? Sheesh. I've had so little time to cook, and even less time to blog because there's a baby-birthin' bonanza on my hands. Do you remember the blizzards of Winter 2009/2010 that covered the mid-Atlantic in snow? Because people were home from work and couldn't drive anywhere, they spent their quality time getting pregnant. We're now knee-deep in the resulting "blizzard baby" births. It's great. After hanging up my catcher's mitt this morning, I had some time to make a proper brunch. 

This Potato and Tempeh Casserole is gooey and savory and noochy and downright nummy. It's a snap to whip up. The sauce comes together really nicely in even a brokedown blender like mine. She's a family heirloom. After all the buttons broke from over-use injury, my brother "Mister Mechanic" (nickname given to the four year-old who could fix your TV) made this lovely all-purpose, after-market RED button. Yeah, this is how I roll. And blend.

Easy peasy... just slice the tempeh and make the marinade. Microwave for like 10 mins:

Layer the nuked tempeh and sliced potatoes in pretty dishes given to you by friends:

Whip up the cheezy sauce in your ghetto-rigged and possibly dangerous appliance, and pour over the layers:

Bake, but then resist the urge to devour until almost room temperature. Please, please. Head my warning; it's so much better once slightly cooled and more congealed.

Project for the rest of the day: attempt to veganize the Libby's Pumpkin pie recipe. My mama and I are making vegan Thanksgiving for our wonderful--but very not vegan-- relatives and want to impress.

Question: Have you ever attempted to veganize a classic pumpkin pie recipe? How'd it go?
Also, what's your favorite pumpkin pie recipe? I need to know!


  1. I haven't tried to veganize any recipes yet but am going to give it a shot in the future. This casserole looks great.

  2. Love your blender! Sometime I feel like the only vegan without a Vitamix....haha.

  3. I just bought some Tempeh today. I've never tried it. This looks like just the dish to make with it.