Sunday, October 10, 2010

Double Header

Wowie  Zowie. What a weekend! Two very foodie events went down: Friday's ChiliBrew competition at 2640 and Saturday's monthly Food Makers potluck. Thanks to the cleaning fairy, my kitchen eventually recovered.

The ChiliBrew was awesome! I brought my espresso chili and some Trader Joe's frito scooper thingies. After a long call shift, I was too tired to bake the corn bread I'd planned to bring. The chili was pretty spicy but fairly well received. It got second place, which was fun. I had a blast meeting people, sharing my food, and sampling all the delicious homebrew!

 Here's my empty chili pot and chip bowl. Like my improvised sign?

Kevin ended up manning ChiliBrew organizer Ian's kegs. Someone told him he was a "soldier" with serving thirst folks all that beer.

Saturday's Food Makers potluck in the sunshine was divine. We pressed apples on Brian's homemade cider press. Good weather, good food, good booze, good people.

Brian and his cider press-- this is the mashing stage, where a wheel with hundred of spikey screws revolve to decimate your apples. 

These strange little terra cotta nesting doll-looking things lived in the garden bed. No one knows what they are. Anyone have any idea?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Let's eat stuff wrapped in things

I really love making stromboli. I love the whole wheat, feel-good-about-yourself crust. The veggie fillings. The delicious tofu-cashew ricotta recipe. Braiding it up at the end. Love it. Here are his-n-hers person strombolis.

Sushi with lots of wasabi is also high on the favorites list these days. It's delicious and nutritious, and the wasabi opens up your sinuses like no body's business. Sushi with wasabi and miso soup are getting me through the season change and allergies right now. On the night of the most recent torrential downpour, I made a shitload of veggie and tofu sushi.

Tomorrow's the ChiliBrew. Looking forward to chili, beer, and good folks at 2640! 

2640 St Paul St
Friday, Oct 8 from 6:30 to 10:30 PM

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Smokin' bowls

I'm in chili boot camp, prepping to flex my chili muscles at next Friday's Charitably Charmin' ChiliBrew! 

Homebrew + chili = nothing better.

This is the second ChiliBrew, held at the gorgeous 2640 space and benefiting Velocipede Bike Project and Red Emma's FreeSchool. Come eat chili, drink beer, and be merry!