Friday, January 1, 2010

January Foodmakers Potluck

This month's Baltimore Foodmakers potluck will be featuring meat and vegan meat alternatives. Fellow foodmaker Brian will be prep'ing salt-cured, local, pasture-raised meats from folks like Polyface Farms. I'll be coordinating the vegan side of things. I'm actually pretty excited for this event. Brian, former vegan, and I had a lengthy conversation about the ethics of eating only local, truly free-range meat on rare occasions. I can respect this perspective, but I'm also stoked to present the alternative: tasty protein-rich foods that are plant-based.

I'm planning to put some time, effort, and love into creating some (hopefully) impressive non-meat dishes. The top contenders for preparation are:

  • Buffalo tempeh
  • Chickpea cutlets and gravy
  • Bean-based meatloaf
I might try ordering these vegan drumsticks. I'm pretty sure they're what Yabba Pot is serving up. They're a little creepy, since they have a dowel in the center that's a bit startling and bone-like when you unsuspectingly bite or cut into it.

Anyways, here's Brian's description. If anyone who happens to be reading wants to attend, visit the group online and RSVP!

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