Friday, January 29, 2010

I can haz kitchen?

 The cabinets are here, and this hole in my house finally looks like a kitchen! Keith, the contractor, had to drive to the sticks of Amish country in Pennsylvania to pick them up. He reports that the cabinet maker is "for real Amish," all except for the fax machine and the high tech cabinet-making equipment.

As part of my financial holy hemorrhage, I've also purchased some matching stainless steel appliances to cozy up with my new cabinets. Today I also ordered the garbage disposal and a 900 CFM exhaust hood for over the Chambers. They're both coming from Overstock. Thanks to the Internet, I found a promo code that's saving me twenty big ones. That'll pay for Ethiopian dinner tonight!

Now that I see the light at the end of the tunnel, I'm getting anxious for the end. The basement kitchen was cool at first, but now I'm getting tired of having to wash paint brushes and rollers in the same sink as I wash my dishes, which also happens to be the same sink my dirty laundry water drains into. Yuck. 

I'm still cooking, despite the hardships. (Ha!) After January Foodmakers, which was awesome-- (check out Aliza's blog for photographic evidence,) I had leftover chickpea cutlet "dough" from making a double batch, so I whipped up some buffalo'ed chickpea nuggets, along with sprouts and Kevin's favorite carb, Crash Hot Potatoes. 

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  1. holy wow. your kitchen looks dynamite! i have a 5 year saving plan so i can create the kitchen of my dreams... some day. seeing others that have done it definitely inspire me!

    and who doesn't love crash hot potatoes! :)