Monday, October 19, 2009

VeganMOFO and Kitchen Plans

Things are developing with the kitchen reno. I didn't think I'd give into the temptation of letting my reno expand beyond my original plans to just replace some cabinets and countertop. Now I'm look at:
  • Tearing out the ceiling and bulkhead to expose vintage tin ceiling
  • Ripping up the floor to expose original pine floors
  • Moving the door to the basement
  • Shifting the basement stairs by about 2 feet
  • Eliminating the current peninsula
  • Moving almost all major appliances
  • Expanding the kitchen into the livingroom/stairwell by 23"
  • Cutting out the wall that separates the upper stairs from the dining room
  • Custom cabinets
  • And I still have to get the Chambers up and running!

Kitchen taped off to test drive new designs. Kitty accommodates.

The wall that's coming out. Once again, Kitty inserts herself in the shot.

In foodie news, I haven't been cooking quite as much lately. I was sitting on the committee to write the Nurse-Midwifery certification exam last week, and they feed me so I didn't have much reason to cook. To their credit, they were kind and careful to make sure I had vegan options.

However, I had been craving vegan kimchi. I had some time to kill in Catonsville while they prepped my new car, so I swung over to H-Mart, a huge international market. I bought the necessaries for making Julie Hasson's vegan kimchi.

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