Monday, October 3, 2011

CSA Cooking: Acorn Sqush Mac-n-Cheez

I confess: I was checking my Twitter feed in the middle of Biostatistics class today. Thanks to my short in-class attention span, I discovered a great recipe via Oh She Glows for squash mac-n-cheez. I'd roasted up a bunch of our CSA veggies last night, including some acorn squash. After scooping out the roasted squash flesh, this recipe came together quite quickly. Because we're always looking for healthier versions of favorite dishes, this delicious and nutritious pasta was a winner. 

I followed the original recipe, only deviating by adding a little red miso to the sauce and some petite peas.

of course that's broccoli in the background.


  1. That macncheese looks delicious and broccoli is always a good side for macncheese!

  2. The mac and cheese looks good. Love CSA boxes always a special surprise.