Sunday, April 24, 2011

Full Disclosure: Prize Winning Chili

ChiliBrew strikes again! Though it was a smaller crowd than last October's beer week event, it was awesome. ChiliBrew is a semi-annual chili cook-off and homebrew competition. Chili and beer? Umm, yes please.

Last October I brought my espresso-chocolate chili. It was a little spicy. OK, it was a lot spicy. So this time I made it a little more family-friendly and seasonally appropriate with a thai-inspired chili. 

I promised that I'd post the recipe to the blog. Problem is, I have no idea what exactly I did when I was making a triple-batch of chili at 2 AM after I'd worked an 18 hr shift at Labor and Delivery. All I can say is: I was strongly influenced by the following recipe from the PPK. If you follow these directions, you won't be disappointed.


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