Saturday, July 31, 2010

This is how I roll

New favorite use for my jar ofilé powder? Robin Robertson's Tempeh and Red Bean Jambalaya with Chipotle Chiles. I've made this recipe twice in the last week: once for me, and once for a potluck. The second time around I made it the night before, so the flavors could really get to know each other.


Homegrown squash roasted in the broiler-from-hell

Dinner and a movie, homestyle.

I had a "meeting" in DC on Wednesday (cannot disclose details at this time.) Although there were a lot of tempting places on the VegDC restaurant listing, we chose to stick with our old faithful: Sticky Fingers! We'd both been craving a daiya sandwich dipped in tomato soup. We also ordered an eggless salad sammy, which was perfect.

Eggless salad

stretchy daiya sammich and tomater soup!

I was sooo full.

We went on a goose chase for kombucha after hearing a rumor that there was one last place in DC that was able to sell GT Dave's. Alas, they were out, but in the process of finding the shop we stumbled upon this cool urban garden that uses vintage tubs as planters. We also stopped and had coffee at Busboys and Poets, a three-store chain of bookshop/cafes. They have a lot of well-labeled vegan options on the menu. 

Next week I'll be traveling to Maine, and while I'm gone the upstairs cat urine-soaked carpet is being ripped out. There are original hardwoods under the carpet, but they're covered with (probably) lead paint. I've heard that refinishing floors is a real pain in the tuchas, so I'm going to let the professionals handle this one. I look forward to not being here for the process and just coming home to gorgeous floors. Can't wait!

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