Sunday, June 6, 2010

Roadtripping South and More Things on Buns

It's the calm after the storm, a lazy Sunday morning. I'm the only one up and am monopolizing the hell out of the coffee. Kevin and Kittie are asleep upstairs. Sterling and Larry, who came up from AA County last night, are asleep in the cave downstairs. We're home from our romp down south, where we basked in the patchouli-scented glory of Asheville and tapped our feet to the twangy tunes of Nashville. 

My bro was in Asheville for work/play (he follows the Nascar circuit and makes bank on hauling drunk rednecks around in a bicycle rickshaw.) We met up with him and all went to dinner at Rosetta's Kitchen. Evidently my tired, hungry brother was pretty skeptical that the veg fare would fill his belly, but in the end he could barely finish his meal. Score.

My vegan cornbread, local kale, and the most aaaaamazing Grandma's Golden Gravy

Kevin conquering The Mountain

OK, I confess. We went back for breakfast the next day. It was that good.

On to Nashville for the wedding, which was gorgeous. My cousin was married in the spring rain at Cheekwood. We checked out some of Nashville's vegan offerings, like the new vegetarian joint The Wild Cow. It was so-so compared to Rosetta's. I think the beans-and-three at Calypso Cafe take the vegan cake for Nashville vegan grub.

It was good to travel, but it's also good to be home. I may not have shared this, but we finally got the countertops! They're a slate gray concrete, with green and blue flecks of recycled glass. We love love love them. People talk a lot of shit about concrete counters, but I think they're full of it. We love them. You can see some in the photos below. Here's a little photo recap of some Seintan O Greatness sausages Kevin's been making lately. The recipe is lifted from the PPK forums.


Rolled up Tootsie Roll style

Not poop. 

Kitchen Kevin koncentration.

Enjoying my dogs!

Also, FYI. We have sleep-space now. The Cave. We cleaned up the kitchen and bought a futon on Craigslist. It's cool and dark and cozy. Kittie's a fan. It's where she spends all of her time now.


  1. Love roadtrips, and that non-poop sausage actually looks pretty good! I haven't tackled homemade sausage yet but maybe the summer is the time.

  2. Megan! It is so wonderful to meet you, I am always looking for new blogs and a vegan one sounds like ooodles of fun for this bored vegetarian. Ok, I'm a pescetarian because I will eat fish once in a great while. I was vegan for awhile but then moved in with my fiance who loves burgers. I had to somewhat bridge the gap. ARG! Life is so hard. Are you originally from Wisconsin?