Saturday, March 6, 2010

Another pyrotechnics post

I wish I'd taken photos of the Chambers sitting in the dirty, dank, dark depths of the Second Chance warehouse. Kevin and I (...OK, mainly Kevin) disassembled it on a hot day. Kevin was covered in grime, grease, and fiberglass by the end. I bought him drinks at the Dog Bar in attempts to express gratitude. There were promises made of how awesome it would someday be.

I had to pay movers to bring the Beluga home. They thought I was nuts and pointed out that I had a fully functional stove already. My neighbors, old Baltimore machine workers, echoed the same sentiment. Didn't I have a perfectly good stove already? What did I want with that big, old thing?

Oh, Ye of little faith!

The new pilot light arrived from stove restoration pro, Don Mattera, and after a little liquid courage thanks to our friends over at Banners, it was time to make some spaghetti! No, not in that dungeon of a the real kitchen. On the real stove. With the fire extinguisher close at hand, no doubt.

And with the knowledge that there were four fire fighters hanging out across the street, we lit the stove.

Isn't that a beautiful sight?

After dreaming of Chambers stoves through the night, I'm now up and fiddling with my newly operational toy. There are still some kinks to work out, like figuring out why the griddle won't fire yet.

Besides geeking out about the Chambers, I'm also trying my hand at making soy yogurt. We've been on a smoothie kick lately, and that means out yogurt demand has spiked. I used to make dairy yogurt all the time, but soy just seemed too complicated. I'm trying out Bryanna Clark Grogan's recipe, but subbing Ener-G for her tapioca starch. We shall see!

(Found my old cheater yogurt-making spoon.)

Incubating the inoculated in the trusty Crockpot

I'm curious for the results. If all goes well, a portion of this will be used to make Palak "Paneer" later tonight.

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